Problems recording

For Windows 8.1, Audacity version 2.0.5, via .exe
My wife uses Audacity to record radio programmes in real time to listen later. We are fairly low tech users and not all the programmes are available as podcasts, so we use a basic loop from the front mic to the rear speaker sockets. Recently Audacity has failed and we get a recording of a series of clicks. This pattern kicked in part way through a programme. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Audacity with no improvement. I have also tried an alternative programme. Other audio processes such as burning CD’s with Media player work without any problems. I have contacted Audacity and Acer and am awaiting a reply. In the meantime, is there anything anyone can suggest?

Thanks, guys!

I added the image you sent to our feedback address.

Really it’s not a good idea to record high quality audio to a mic input. It’s even possible you have destroyed the mic input by feeding already amplified line level input into it. Use the blue line-in if you have one.

No Audacity has not failed - it only records the signal it receives.

There are much better solutions for recording computer playback - stereo mix if your sound card has that, or Windows WASAPI loopback. Please see this page in the Manual for how to set either of those up: .


Thanks for the help, Gale - I think I have probably blown the mike up! :cry: None of the solutions you propose seem to work at the moment - so a quick trip to the sales department might be in order!

Destroying the mic input would probably not cause Windows WASAPI recording of computer playback to fail.

Be aware you don’t need a new computer. You can get USB sound cards that have somewhat better quality than built-in sound and that have stereo mix if required, like Trust Sound Expert External. But again you don’t need stereo mix to record computer playback because you can use Windows WASAPI.


Gale, many thanks for the help- I have reinstalled Audacity and can now use WASAPI for recording - in glorious stereo, too! Big :smiley: all round and I am once again in the good books!

I am not sure if reinstalling Audacity would have been the cure, but if you do reinstall Audacity to cure a problem, make sure you enable “Reset Preferences” half way through the installer otherwise existing settings won’t be changed.

For WASAPI loopback recording, it’s best to play the stream before pressing Record in Audacity. Also generally speaking it’s best to record at 44100 Hz (bottom left of Audacity).