Problems recording with mixer and camcorder

Hi all, I’m helping a friend to record a video for youtube but we are very noob :frowning:.

In the past he recorded the audio in this way:

mic voice----|
------------------|-------------> mixer ----------> computer line-in (with Audacity as recorder)
piano ---------|

recently he bought a kodak zi8 camcorder that can record video and audio from an external source. So he connected the mixer output to this camcorder input (and fixed camcorder audio gain) in this way:

mic voice----|
------------------|------------> mixer ----------> camcorder line-in
piano ---------|

but the audio recorded (in AAC format) is very different (worst) from the one that Audacity can record. Why?

Could it be only a “software” problem and we can fix it with some audio post-processing with Audacity or not?

Thanks in advance

The video camera will have different quality settings which will effect the sound quality, (some settings will have more compression than others for a smaller file size, causing more digital artifacts, i.e. poorer quality sound).

Try the different quality “capture mode” settings on the camera and compare the sound quality.

DAC stands for Digital-to-Analog Converter.
To convert from the analog signal on the line-in to a digital format (AAC, WAV, etc) a DAC is needed. There is one in your sound card. There is another one in the camcorder.
The quality of the recorded audio (digital) will depend on the quality of the DAC.
So it could happen that the DAC on the soundcard is of better quality than the DAC of the camcorder. If this is the case no workaround is possible, other than recording the audio directly to the computer. Though nowadays any cheap DAC will probably produce satisfactory audio quality, so if you notice a big difference in the recording quality it will be more likely that the problem is related to what Trebor said.

Thanks for the help :slight_smile:, I’ll post some news if we’ll find a good solution