Problems recording digital piano

Hi All, I hope someone can help me. I’ve been using audacity 2.3.3 for a few weeks now but am having a problem recording my Yamaha Arius digital piano. I’ve connected the headphone socket on the piano to a usb adapter and tried to record, but alas nothing is being recorded. I’ve checked all the usual controls i.e. input level set appropriately, correct input selected and even tested the headphone socket with headphones - it does work, but still no luck. I thought it may have been a problem recording using the headphone socket, but I have made good recording using the headphone socket on my Viscount Vivace 40 organ. Can anyone give me some advice?

usb adapter

Such as what? I like the Behringer UCA-202 and its sisters. It’s simple and all it does is adapt stereo sound to USB, both directions—and it has a headphone monitor port.

tested the headphone socket with headphones

Good start. That’s how I do it with my keyboard.

Does the USB adapter have a headphone socket?

Next up is Windows. Audacity doesn’t get sound from the USB device. It gets it from Windows. Right click the speaker icon in the Windows lower right and drill down to the recording panels. You should be able to see a little sound meter bouncing with your music. When I captured this picture, Windows called everything a microphone.

If all that is OK, start or restart Audacity. Audacity checks for new connections when it starts.

Can you find a USB device or listing in the recording drop-down (microphone symbol)?

Select it. Click once in the recording sound meters > Start Monitoring. They will jump in time to your music.

Where do you lose it, or is it OK now?


Hi Koz,

Thanks so much for your reply - it was really helpful and I got the issue sorted through the windows sound settings as you suggested.

Once again, thanks for your help.

best wishes,