problems recording cassettes

I record vinyl all the time through my audio technica turntable. Now I want to record my cassette tapes. For some reason audacity won’t allow it. Everything is set up perfectly and i’ve tried adjusting my audio recording levels, but no matter what I do, it records the song on the tape perfectly for about 5 seconds and then the volume goes way down and it sound terrible. I tried using different tapes and adjusting the levels in audacity and on my computer (using windows 7).

Please help!

This does not appear to be anything to do with audiobook production so I moved this to the Windows board.

If it’s a USB turntable that lets you connect a tape player, try rebooting the computer.

Otherwise please describe exactly how the tape deck connects to the computer. From your description, you have chosen the external microphone recording device in Audacity and are suffering from Windows enhancements meant for speech recording.

If you have a separate blue Line-In on the computer that is meant for recording from strong signal sources like a tape deck, select that as your recording device in Device Toolbar. Otherwise, turn off enhancements as described here: FAQ:Recording - Troubleshooting - Audacity Manual.


Thanks Gale, i’m using my laptop so no blue line in, as you surmised I am plugged into my mic jack. I just find it really odd because i’ve done it before and it worked.

I’ve also tried turning off enhancements and I couldn’t find noise supression, etc. Which is frustrating because it sounds like that could very well be the problem as you suggested!

Is that turntable a USB turntable? If so it may have line inputs for connecting a tape deck and you could record over USB.