problems recording acoustic piano

I have been recording piano in the same room with the same microphone for a long time. My new computer is recording with a type of flange effect. What can I do to get rid of it?

Newer Windows default to environment suppression for conferencing and Skype calls. It destroys music.


thanks for the help. I adjusted the sound recording and playback as suggested but this didn’t stop the distortion. I have uninstalled Skype. Now, using the generic microphone settings, the sound is normal but to get the correct volume when recording, I have put input on Audacity to 0 and recording level to 0! Is there any way around this? When I use microphone array, the distortion is present again but volume levels are easier to control. Could you tell me what microphone array means and why the problem persists?

Usually “microphone array,” refers to the built-in microphones in a laptop or touchpad computer, especially when there is more than one microphone (an “array” of 2 or more microphones) built in. However, you can’t take that for gospel as Windows sometimes identifies audio devices in peculiar ways.
If you are using a USB microphone the correct option will usually have “USB” in the device name.