Problems Overdubbing (Sound cuts in & out) [SOLVED]

Hi, I’ve been having problems overdubbing ever since I got my brand new Lenovo laptop running Windows 8. Besides the quality being poor (that’s fine I’m using the built in mic) the first recording I make sounds fine. It captures everything with no issues. Then when I try to overdub, very little actually gets recorded. The only time it seems to capture anything is when there is a moment of silence in the first track. Of course if I turn the overdub setting off it records fine but that does me no good as I need to be able to hear what I’m recording over. I’ve attached a screenshot of what it’s doing. I was singing one long tone throughout the whole second track overdub but as you can see it comes and goes and then stays for a couple seconds but is very muffled and quiet. I am using headphones by the way. Any help in solving this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

The first thing I"d do is turn Windows Enhanced Services (conferencing processing) off.

You are wearing headphones, right? You can’t do voice overdubbing without headphones.

Audacity > Edit > Preferences > Recording.
[X] Overdub should be the only thing checked.

Overdubbing puts a significant stress on the computer, so if it’s just not up to full quality stereo play and record at the same time plus overdubbing management, you could get holes and stuttering in the second track.


I’m just now seeing your reply… Thanks so much! I turned off the “enhancement” and it works now! Thanks so much! :smiley: