Problems Opening Audio Files in Audacity

I downloaded the latest version of Audacity, 2.2 I believe. Anyway, when I try and open audio files in Audacity, I see REGISTER AUDACITY in the drop down field with other players. On my old computer, I just clicked on Audacity and they would just open. Now, every time I want to open a file, it tells me I have to download Audacity on my hard drive again. What is wrong with it?

You’re not talking about right-clicking a file > Open With? You’re talking about making Audacity the default app when you double click on a sound file? Right-Click > Open With does work, right?


If so you did not obtain it from us because 2.2. does not exist yet.

Here is our site where you can obtain the current 2.1.2 version:

If you really see REGISTER AUDACITY you have a fake version of Audacity. You should uninstall the fake version, install 2.1.2 as above then do a deep anti-virus check on your computer with something other than Windows Defender (though it’s a good idea to use Defender too for a second opinion).

Audacity doesn’t automatically appear in “Open with” for audio files like WAV or MP3. If you have added Audacity yourself to “Open with” for particular file types, it won’t work correctly if you have more than one application called “audacity.exe”. See

In Audacity made by us, you can also use File > Open… or File > Import > Audio… to import files. Use “Import” to bring extra files into the same project window.