Problems inserting Silence into a file using a macro [SOLVED]

I want to use a macro to insert two minutes silence into a file, at exactly 8 minutes into the file. The result that I want is - 8 minutes music, then 2 minutes silence, then the rest of the file. If I position the Cursor 8 minutes in, and then use “Silence” I get a message “Silence requires one or more tracks to be selected”. If I use the macro to select the tracks from 8 minutes after the start, “silence” then overwrites the next 2 minutes - it doesnt insert it, like I want to do.

I have tried defining silence as minutes, as seconds - and by using a Pre-set - but the end result is always that the silence overwrites the next 2 minutes, rather than getting inserted. I saw a workaround for inserting silence at the beginning of a file ( starting with selection start time of -2mins) but I cant figure out anything similar for inserting into the middle of a file.

Has anyone any help they could offer? I’m running 3.1.3 on Windows 10.

2 minutes = 120 seconds
8 minutes = 480 seconds
End time for silence = 10 mins = 600 seconds

Use a macro like this:


Absolutely brillliant ! That works exactly as I wanted. Many thanks Indeed!


I need a similar macro. But I keep doing it wrong. I thought if I could not ‘Add Silence’ in a macro, that I could just create a new .mp3 file that has 10 seconds of silence. I could then write a macro that would insert that file in front of every file I need to add the silence to. It would combine two files together. I have several hundred to do and this would certainly speed up the process to do it as a batch. I think this macros is close to what I need. I tried changing parameters from factory default to 10 seconds but had no luck executing. Any suggestions or modifications? 2.3.2 (or I can upgrade if necessary). I generate music for our dance team and need the 10 seconds to allow time for us to get into position on the floor before the music starts. Ten seconds seems to be ideal.