problems importing quicktime audio


I had the old version 2.0.5 and now I have just upgraded to 2.1.0

With the old version I could drag my quicktime file into it just fine… now when I drag the exact same quicktime file into the new version (2.1.0) I get a pop up box saying "Audacity did not recognize the type of file ‘file name’ If it is uncompressed, try importing it using “Import Raw” ".

When I import this file as Raw data the audio track I get is just scratchy noise?!

Please help!

Raw Import is not intended for importing QuickTime files.

The problem is likely that you did not read the Release Notes for 2.1.0. As you can see near the top of that page, it says that users upgrading from Audacity 2.0.5 or earlier will need a new version of FFmpeg. You can obtain that new version following the instructions at


Thank you!!