Problems Exporting

So i decided to use audacity today to record some audio, but it crashes every time i try and export. I’ve tried exporting it as different filetypes and to different areas. But every time i click the save button, it crashes. And it crashes so bad that the only way to close the program is to go into task manager and manually close it. I downloaded the newest version, but i had no luck. I’ve also tried restarting my computer with still no luck. I’ve used audacity plenty of times in the past, and ive never had a problem with it until today. I am on windows 7. I am using the most current version of the software. And i have plenty of space on my hard drive. Someone please help, this is really stressful and i really dont know what else to do.

Start with a clean Audacity (restart it). Generate > Noise: any color, ten seconds.

Try and export that to the desktop with a name of NOISE. No puctuation, no three-letter suffix. Does that work?


Audacity (including fake versions) can be obtained from many sites. I suggest you uninstall the version you have now, then install 2.1.0 from us ( Half way through the installation, put a tick (checkmark) in “Reset Preferences”. Do the reinstallation and “Reset Preferences” even if you actually had 2.1.0 supplied by us.

If Audacity had to be force quit, it had frozen, not crashed.

When you try to export again, change the export directory to somewhere you know you can export to, like your own Desktop. Exporting to network drives may freeze if the network becomes unavailable.