Problems Exporting Mp3 - Error2

Iv been recording a DJ mix CD for the past week and finally got it right. I downloaded the lame_enc.dll and exported the mix as mp3. That went fine and it played in Windows Media Player no problem. I then tried burning to CD but it wouldnt fit because i left Audacity recording when i finished mixing and forgot to cut out the silence. So I went back, cut out the silence and then tried exporting again, but now it plays in WMP and the time bar goes really quickly. It reaches the end at about a minute and a half but the mix still plays. I cannot fast forward past that amount of time. I tried again and again and was having the same problem. But now I am getting the error mssg below.

Audacity Error ‘C:Documents and SettingsOwnerMy’ (error 2: the system cannot find the file specified.)

I cant even cut the mix at all now and Im having problems playing it sometimes. The entire mix is saved to my pc and i can play it in Audacity, so i dont understand how it cannot find the the file. Any ideas.

Im using Windows XP SP2 and Audacity 1.2.6

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To make an audio CD you should always use a WAV file.
Export from Audacity as “44.1kHz 16 bit Microsoft PCM WAV”
(If you need further information about this, please post on the board relevant to your version of Audacity and your Operating system)

When you save an Audacity project, there are multiple parts to the project. There is the filename.aup file, and a _filename__data folder. The data folder contains lots (sometimes hundreds) of data fragments that make up the project. If any of these are moved or deleted, then the project is dust. “” was one of those fragments but now it is missing.