Problems exporting and playing

I have a mac 10.6.8
Audacity 2.03

Using my camera, I made a video and audio recording of live musicians. I downloaded the file from the camera, opened the .avi file in Audacity and exported it as a MP3 file. I got the following message: “This project sample rate (11024) and bit rate (128 kbps) combination is not supported by MP3 file format. You may resample to one of the rates below.”

From the 9 choices (800, 11025, 12000, 16000, 22050, 2400, 32,000, 44,100 and 48,000)
I chose 11025 as it was closer to the original.

I opened the file with itunes, saved it as a playlist and burned it to disks (Verbatim CD-R, 700 MB, 52X, 80 min.)

The disk will play in my 2007 Toyota, but not in my 2013 Ford, and also not in a small, stand-alone player in my sister’s house (age unknown). Both the Ford and stand-alone player normally play MP3s. I really wish my disk would play on all 3 players. My sister doesn’t have another MP3 player.

Need advice (Careful, I’m obviously a non-techie!)

  1. Did this have anything to do with my selection of sample rate???
  2. Is there anything else I could have changed in Audacity’s export options (i.e, bit rate mode; quality; variable speed; and channel mode)?
  3. Any other ideas?


Hi, i would try exporting it with a sample rate of 44,100 as that is what most “normal” MP3’s are created at and also CDs, the bit rate should be fine as your camera will not pick up small enough details to warrant the higher quality, hope this helps

I suggest you upgrade to 2.0.5 from Audacity ® | Download for Mac OS . 2.0.3 may have problems importing files if any have Unicode characters in their name.

If you want the CD to play on all standalone players, follow: Audacity Manual . Export as 44100 Hz stereo WAV (which is lossless) and tell iTunes to burn an Audio CD, not an MP3 CD.

Never burn an MP3 to an audio CD. MP3 is lossy. Burning MP3 to audio CD expands the size back to the equivalent of WAV but doesn’t restore the quality you lost by exporting MP3.