Problems copying from notebook to desktop using a flash stik

Windows 10.

Recorded 20 dialogues.

15 of them have AUP files under 20kb and they transfer to the desktop fine (copy AUP and data folder to flash, copy from flash to folder on desktop).

The five larger files that have AUP files over 20kb will copy to the thumb drive, can be edited from the flash drive and are okay, but when I copy and paste them from the flash stick to the desktop, large chunks of audio are missing.

I have tried saving the project to the flash drive (same result).

“.aup” files don’t contain any audio: they just contains links to where the audio is stored on your computer.

You need to copy the “.aup” file and the corresponding “_data” folder.

Recorded 20 dialogues.

Is that all you did? No editing? Audacity Projects are not recommended for transportation, archive or safety backup. Export a WAV (Microsoft) 16-bit and transfer that.

If you did anything exotic such as multi-track or complex editing, then yes, you’ll need to transfer the Project.

Keep in mind as you do this that Audacity Projects to not save UNDO.

How long are the shows?


UPDATE: Doesn’t happen when I use an external SSD drive with SATA USB cable.

I got nothing.

The only thing I can think of that might give troubles like that is the formatting on the thumb drive. They do have formatting. They are little hard drives in silicon. If the unit is really old or formatted in a way that doesn’t support the files, you will lose.

One other thing as I type this. Did you put punctuation marks in the filenames?

One test I can think of is record to a thumb drive not owned by you, just to see if it sticks.