Problems compiling on linux

Hi all!
I have just compiled Audacity successfully from svn codebase.
But still there are problems while linking:
3 “DSO missing error” with, and
I have to add them to link flag into src/Makefile manually.

So I wondered if there is any other method (maybe more elegant)
to correct this? I’m not familiar with autotools =_=

Thanks in advance!

It probably depends which distro you use.
On Debian based distros the steps 1 to 8 described here should usually work without additional options or configurations:

autoreconf should only be required if there have been files added or removed since the makefile was last updated. I built on Debian stable a few days ago (r13063) and autoreconf was not required. I’m not aware of any added or removed files since then (!forum/audacity-svn)

Thank you steve.
My distro is Archlinux. And the Audacity version I compiled is also r13063.