Problème son grosse caisse

Bonjour , d abord audacity est géniale et votre forum aussi .
Je me sers d audacity pour enregistrer une batterie electronique Kat 2 , tout mes son de pad sont bien sauf ma grosse caisse qui est très faible par rapport aux reste , pouvez vous m aider???

Hello , first of audacity is great and your forum too.
I am using Audacity to record an electronic drum Kat 2 , all my pad sound is fine except my bass drum is very low compared to the rest , can you help me ???
Thank you

Sorry I don’t speak French, but as you have written in English I’ll reply in English.

How are you listening to the recording? If you are listening via the built-in speakers of a laptop PC, or other small speakers, then the kick drum is likely to be quiet because small speakers are unable to play the low bass frequencies.

If you are listening on large, good quality speakers, or good quality headphones, then perhaps you need to turn up the volume for the kick drum on the Kat 2.

thank you , all made ​​in my pad so nickel above the snare . do you think the usb cable between the sound card and my pc could be the cause ???