Probleme changement hauteur/ Problem change pitch


Voilà mon problème, je voudrais changer la hauteur en fréquence d’un piste grâce à l’effet “changer la hauteur”. Là ou ça cloche c’est que je n’arrive pas à taper la fréquence de départ dans la case “depuis” ainsi que la fréquence d’arrivée dans la case “vers” :open_mouth:

Si quelqu’un à la solution ce serait génial :wink:

Audacity 2.03 / mac OS X lion


Here’s my problem, i’d like to change the pitch of a track with the effect “change pitch”. The thing is that i can’t type the start frequency in the box “from” and the end frequency in the box “to”.

If someone has the solution it’d be great :wink:

Audacity 2.03 / mac OS X lion.

There is no easy solution on Mac that I can see - unlike on Windows, you cannot paste numbers in those frequency boxes. If you can work out the percent change, you can type that in the percent change box.

It’s fixed in the 2.0.4 alpha development build so if you want to try that, get the latest “nightly” build from the top of this page . Note that you should not use nightly builds for production work.

Otherwise, wait for 2.0.4 release.


Thanks for the answer.

Unfortunately i’m more interested in the start frequency, if i could change it then i would use the percent change box.

I think i’ll wait for the 2.0.4 release. Do you have any idea when i could download it?

The effect only changes the current frequency (whatever it actually is) by the specified percent change. The effect does not make the resulting audio be at the “To” Frequency, so does not rely on the “From” Frequency being correct. 500 Hz to 600 Hz and 1000 Hz to 1200 Hz are the same effect (20% percent change).

What are the From and To Frequencies you want?

I do not know at the moment. If you are not already doing so, you may subscribe here: Audacity ® | Free, open source, cross-platform audio software for multi-track recording and editing. to receive an e-mail when we release new versions of Audacity. To subscribe, enter your e-mail address and click “Add”.


Like an instrument i’d like to change the tune of the A from 440hz to 432hz, it’s the “natural” frequency of the A and it’s make music more natural and soft to listen.

Enter -1.818 percent change.

This is highly simplistic.



… it seems very simple indeed.
I like to complicate things, i thought i have to type this in the frequency boxes. :blush:

Thanks for your help :wink:

P.S: i’m surprised to find informations about the 432hz frequency on a david icke website ^^

Anyway, thanks again!!