Problemas com plugins ERAS 6

I installed a set of ERAS 6 plugins on my system, but they are not working properly in audacity.Example. I click on cntl+a to mark the soundtrack completely and select the eras 6 assistant, click on visualized and the process starts, but after 6 seconds it crashes. I tried with other eras 6 elements and the same thing always happens.
In obs studio and adobe premier the eras 6 plugins are working without problems.
What can I do to solve in audacity.
Audacity version: 3.3.2
Operating systems: Windows 11 PRO updated and licensed

Audacity has no answer for this?

See ERA 6 plugin not working as macro [Plugin issue] · Issue #4397 · audacity/audacity · GitHub

“The official Accusonus website seems to be down for a long time, as well as there’re no other sources to grab ERA 6 from, there’s no way we can even try to reproduce it.”

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