i just downloaded audicity (windows 7 (not zip version)). everything seems to be in order but when i click “record” it doesn’t capture any sound. I am trying to record on my laptop using my default, built-in microphone. I have tried selecting the different microphone options and nothing seems to work at all. does anyone know what I can do to get this working? i have used other recording software on this computer before (mixcraft) and did not have this problem.


Does Edit > Preferences > Devices point to the sound card or the internal microphone? Sometimes you can set Audacity for Stereo in Edit > Preferences > Recording and it will ignore a mono microphone. Koz

my options are:

windows directsound

primary sound capture driver
microphone (high definition audio)
microphone (high definition audio) duplicate

for every option i can select either mono or stereo, but i think i have tried every combination and nothing seems to work.

Go to the “Recording” tab of “Sound” in the Windows Control Panel (see here and look at the instructions ). See if you can make whatever is the internal microphone the default device. Check its Properties > Levels tab to make sure the input is turned up and not muted.


ah ha! it worked! one of the duplicate microphone entries was mute din the control panel. i unmuted it and this fixed the problem. not sure why this didnt cause a problem for my other recordings. thanks so much, Gale, i would not have figured that out on my own!


If you are having problems with having a duplicate entry you could also look in the Windows Control Panel to see if the sound device has its own control panel. This is different from the control panel you just looked at. Sometimes there can be options to tie up input jacks (such as front and back or front and side internal mics, or internal and external mics) into one input device.