Problem with VST plugins

I have noticed, that most of plugins don’t work, when I use My keyboard and My screen reader. I have also unchecked graphical interface, but It didn’t help. Please, what to do?
I am blind user of Audacity. There are many misstakes with VST plugins in new version. Sorry to write It, but I am disappointed with more things on Audacity. Previously, Audacity was good, but nowadays… This is just My point of view.
Thank You and please, fix this bug. This is not about one VST plugin.
Marco Oros

It is possible to revert to an old version of Audacity …

[ but the old versions are not compatible with VST3 plugins ]

Ofcourse, It’ll be good idea. But please, how to fix this issue? I think in new version. Previously, everything was good and ofcourse, in previous versions VST3 didn’t work. I also use VST1 or VST2, but It can’t be a problem. I don’t know, if there are some blind developers. I think, that no, because David Sky is dead.

Is this fixed in the alpha? you can download it from

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I’d like to use both 32-bit and 64-bit alpha. Is It possible?

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