problem with volume on exported MP3 file

I have a 4 track file , 1 music and 3 vocal
sounds fine on Audacity but when i export it to either Flac or MP3 the vocal volume is through the roof and , the music level is fine
when i exported it i chose mp3 , got the warning about stereo and 2 channels , thought that was ok
it works fine when i have only 2 tracks but with 4 its no use
any ideas what i am doing wrong ?
I am a new user and have onlt been using for a few days



The music track is stereo and the voice tracks are mono?

Is everything you? You performed all the parts?


Can you post a screen shot of what your Audacity work window looks like when everything is loaded and ready to play?


Isn’t the problem just that you need to turn down the gain on the vocal tracks using the -…+ gain slider to left of the blue waves? Mixing tracks is additive and increases volume unless the waveforms are opposites and cancel each other out.