Problem with voiceover

I have recorded a voiceover on my mac which sounds like this. Can you please give full method on how to improvise it because it seems a bit harshed.

before recording, switch off any “enhancements” that the Mac, (not Audacity), is applying: it may sound better without them, see …

You probably need a better microphone / pre-amp, and don’t apply so much noise reduction.

You may be able to make some improvement by:

  1. Record in a quieter place
  2. Use less Noise Reduction
  3. Apply the Equalization effect. The settings shown below suggest a starting point, but for best results you will need to experiment.

Thanks Trebor for the recommendation of changing Mac settings. It has made voice much better. And big thanks to you Steve. Your Equalisation effect has made voiceover much clearer and better. Thanks again to both of you. :slight_smile:

I have got a blue ice snowball micropone. If you have got any advice related to it, please give me.

That should give reasonable results.
Do you have a “pop shield”? (
Using a pop shield will allow you to get closer to the mic without the problem of “wind blast” from your breath. That is likely to improve the voice quality and reduce the need for equalization (you will probably still need a bit of Eq for best results, but less processing is better for a natural voice sound).
(A wire coat hanger and pantihose is the classic way to make a cheap DIY pop filter - see Google for details)

Thanks steve. I will look forward to it.