Problem with Time Track Logarithmic Scale

Windows 7 - 2.2.1
I seem to lose the ability to set and move control points in a time track when I switch from Linear Scale to Logarithmic scale. The cursor won’t switch from select to the triangles that allow movement. Maybe a bug?

ditto for me on Windows Vista, Audacity 2.2.1.
[ This bug does not exist in Audacity 2.1.3 ]

Thanks for the report xerkon. Yes it is a bug. I’ve added it to the Audacity bug tracker.

Also, it seems to me that setting time-track control points should operate like the envelope tool, which lets one click anywhere in the track to set a new point. The way things are now the cursor has to be right on top of the line to be able to drag or set a point.

Yes, but you don’t need to select the Envelope Tool first.
The other tools are not really meaningful for Time Tracks, so no matter which tool is selected, if you move to pointer over the envelope, the pointer changes automatically to the Envelope tool, much like when you are using the Multi-tool on an envelope in an audio track.

I meant that in a time track one has to click directly on the line to set a point (or at least that’s the way it is on my pc). When working in a normal track with the Envelope tool it’s possible to click anywhere to create a new point. Shouldn’t the time track behave the same way?