Problem with the volume control

I have the following problem:

I want to digitize my MD collection and have connected my MD deck to the Line In of my onboard sound.

After some trial and error I managed a clever, non-overdriven recording. But when I wanted to shoot with this setting wars again Overdriven. So pulled down regulator during recording to zero: as expected extremely quiet recording … but when I start a new recording, still with slider to zero, it is again overridden …?? when I shot during which it was briefly regulator loud and quiet again to make the value again, but no matter where it is it takes first at maximum volume.

what can be wrong?

Thank you in advance

Open Windows Control Panel. Look at recording devices and make sure there are no “enhancements” selected. There may also be an option for allowing applications to adjust the main recording volume. If you can’t find anything like that, please tell us what version of Windows you are runnning.

Also, make sure you have selected “line in”, and not “stereo mix” as your recording source.

Excellent, thanks Doug!