Problem with sound quality on playback

I am a ok drummer and trying to use audacity to record , but when I play it back it sounds like I’m recording through a 56k modem is the best way to describe it lol it doesn’t make sense due to the input and my headphones are coming from the exact same source and it sounds fine in the headphones , so I’m guessing it’s a setting in audacity but not sure what one , any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance !

but when I play it back…

Is that before you save to a file?

Are your headphones connected through the computer?

Please tell us a little about your hardware setup. The more specifics the better… What kind of microphone? Multiple mics to a mixer or interface? Etc.? How are you connected to the computer?

I have the whole kit mic’ed all into a mixer I have one pc also to the input on the mixer , from the mixer headphone jack out to my headphones and to the mic in on my lap top. My head phones are turtle beach with 50 mm drivers, and the sound is awesome. As far as audacity everything is pretty much set to default for recording and listening to the play back before saving is where the sound quality just isn’t there I could take the time to draw a schematic of everything if needed but to me the play back should be as good as what I hear in headphones while playing. I’m using audacity version 2.0.5 on a Alienware gaming laptop windows 10 if ya need anymore info just ask , thanks again for your time ! I really wanna have atleast decent quality recordings.

Here is the way I have my devices chained

Desktop pc as backing track using a audio out ====== to the input to a channel on my mixer ( europower pmh1000 ) and then from the headphone out I have a splitter going to my headphones and the mic in on my Alienware laptop which has a quad core cpu and 8 gig of ram with windows 10 . The only connections between all of them are audio cables. This is why I think it’s a setting in audacity , through my headphones it’s sounds great , but after I hit stop recording and listen to the playback doesn’t sound nothing like what I hear through the headphones , this is before I save it .

I got the problem fixed , all I did was use the desktop instead of the laptop to record and it works fine now lol there is some lag when I use the monitor so I just record the drum part only then import the song I was playing , had to realign them up so they was synced but it’s working fine now. Thanks for the reply .