Problem with sony tc 105a reel to reel recording

I have downloaded the latest audacity. The only out on recorder is either ext.spk or monitor. Using mini jacks, I plug into back of pc into line in. I get a loud hum from speaker on pc. Is it possible too many volts coming from recorder? Help or advise needed ! Thanks

Probably not. Overload usually sounds way too loud, crunchy and gritty.

If it’s old enough, you might be able to plug the power cord of the tape machine into the wall upside down. See what happens when you do that. I have an FM tuner that I use to capture off-air shows. It hums badly if I plug it into wall power upside down.

It might also help if you plugged the computer and the tape machine into the same wall outlet.


Hello I believe you hit on to something very useful. I plugged power from TC-105a into power strip that powers the PC and noise stopped :smiley: . The system will let me record, but I will have to do some reading for further recording and burning to CD. Any other problems and will certainly get back. Your expertise was very welcomed. Thank You!!!