Problem with removing Audacity

I installed Audacity, the newest version, yesterday. I use Windows 8. Audacity was too complex for my modest audio needs, and the file format was incompatible with Sound Cloud which I planned to use, so I removed it from the computer. The removing program announced that not all the parts of the Audacity could be removed. Immediately after removing it all the sounds of Flash Player and perhaps other sounds became very low even if I put the sounds to maximum. Also when I put sound to hundred (maximum) the green bar which represent sound level rises only to perhaps thirty. The sounds sound like they are mono instead of stereo like before. I suspect that those parts of the Audacity that were not removed are interfering with my sound system. What can be done, how can I get my sounds back? This is a serious problem.

If you removed Audacity with [Add Remove Programs], then it should have all gone away. The warning is for icons on the desktop. Add Remove Programs will not delete those.

In any event, what gets left behind if you do it wrong is Personal Preferences that allow you to upgrade Audacity without putting all your custom settings in again. Nothing (that I know of) to do with system sound settings.

Audacity probably made volume changes to your Windows Control Panels. I don’t know how to get to those in your machine. I’m not a Windows elf.

Audacity is not a WAV editor, it’s a sound production editor and it will not save sound files which is probably what happened to your Sound Cloud submission. You can get a sound file any time you want one by File > Exporting one. A warning that due to licensing restrictions Audacity will not Export an MP3 unless you add the Lame software package:
Scroll down.

too complex for my modest audio needs

Which were? Audacity is one of the simpler editors and there is a multi-time zone, international help crew waiting for you to ask.


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