Problem with recording on Saffire Pro 14

Hi, I’ve been trying to record audio on a few of the line inputs Pro 14 offers and it’s only partly working. I plugged in a guitar with a basic mono jack, I can hear it being amplified through my speakers and see the meter jumping on the mixer/driver program Saffire has.

The problem is that only the only recording device Windows has on offer in the control panel’s audio recording portion is one named ‘Saffire Audio’ with a microphone icon and when I select that within Audacity it doesn’t respond to any audio coming into the line inputs. I can see a general Line In option in the control panel’s audio recording part with a red downwards arrow and no connection, not sure if that has anything to do with it.

What could be the problem here? Thanks in advance.

And you’re connecting with FireWire, right? Did you get an add-on FireWire card for your computer?

If the audio comes down the tubes in anything but straight, plain bitstream, then Audacity is not going to know what to do with it. If the system uses ASIO software and drivers for production and low latency, Audacity doesn’t, isn’t, and won’t.

You may need to juggle between Edit > Preferences > Devices in Audacity and the Windows Control Panels to straighten this one out. You may need to dig more in the instruction book or look for a Saffire forum.

One item. Typically, you should start Audacity after you plug in an audio device. Let Windows get used to the new device and then start Audacity.