Problem with Quick-Play. Thanks!


I have a big problem with Audacity 3.1 that I haven’t encountered in the previous versions.

I use Quick-play a lot when editing podcasts, and I’m used to clicking on the time-line (all the time, back and forth, many times a minute) to play.

Doing that has always felt very intuitive.

But now – all of a sudden – I have to click TWICE, to start the play. The reason seems to be that when I click in the time-line the Loop-function (a black down-pointing arrow) appears.

It does this automatically, even if I have turned the Loop-function OFF.

Obviously, I can just click again on the same point, and play works, but it’s very irritating to have to click twice everytime.

I use a MacBook Pro laptop.

Does this also happen if you hold your mouse very, very still when clicking? I think this is happening because you’re ever so slightly moving your cursor when clicking, causing your action to be technically a click-and-drag action instead of a click action. (Or in other words, we probably should build a “deadzone” for the click-and-drag-to-loop feature so even if you move your cursor for, say, 10px it’d still just quickplay)

Wow!! It works!
If I stop and hold the finger very still on the time-line (via my laptop’s touchpad), and then click, no loop is created.
It would be highly appreciated if it was fixed though, since it slows down the work flow a little though when you suddenly need to be “very, very still”.

Definitely! It’s currently being targeted for 3.2, along with a group of other annoyances regarding loop play:

Great! When is that planned to be released? Thanks