Problem with playback speedup

I’m a new user to Audacity. It’s loaded onto a laptop with Windows 11.

When I play back my voice recordings, sometimes they play at normal speed, sometimes they play speeded up.

I’m not changing the settings. Throughout this, the playback speed is set at x1.0. What’s going on? How can I fix this? It’s holding up production of my audiobook.

this can happen when the track sample rate and project sample rate are different. This bug will be fixed in Audacity 3.5. In the meantime, make sure that both tracks and project are on the same sample rate.

Thanks for the prompt response.

However, I’m a newby to Audacity. How would I check the track sample rate and the project sample rate? These are terms that mean nothing to me at present.

Also, I didn’t change any settings between recordings. The first recording played back speeded up. I opened a new file and recorded again. That played normally, so I thought the problem had gone away. I then opened a new file for a longer piece, but when I played that back, it was speeded up. In all three cases, the Playback speed was set at 1.00, and no other settings were changed.

Thanks in advance for your support.

I have the same question to ask, but I have Windows 10, but now I think my problem is solved. Thanks a lot…

Hi, I’ve been checking the track sample rate and project sample rates are the same (44,100 Hz). My recordings have been playing back at the normal speed. Problem solved, I thought.
Unfortunately, I’ve just played back my latest recording and it’s speeded up.

No settings have been changed. The sample rates are all at 44,100 Hz. Playback speed is set at 1.00.

Please help.