problem with Nyquist performance [SOLVED]

I recently changed to the latest version of Audacity. Before I used version 2.1.1, and the performance of Nyquist has decreased significantly.
A simple code effect is applied in 20 seconds or less on a 4 minute track using version 2.1.1, but in the latest version, it takes 2 minutes, equivalent to applying vocal reduction and isolation in 2.1.1. And, by the way, using this last effect in the latest version also takes longer.
Why will this loss of performance occur? Thanks for the reply.

This slowdown has also been reported by other users on Windows.
The problem is due to an update of WxWidgets to wxWidgets 3.1.1. On Windows (only) the implementation of wxGetLocalTimeMillis() is much slower than before. The problem has been fixed in the current development code by switching to wxGetUTCTimeMillis() instead as this timer does not have the problem.

So in short, it will be fixed in the next Audacity release which is scheduled for January.

Hello Steve, I must tell you that there is a big difference in performance with the change in the code of the next version.
I have got version 2.3.1 alpha and I am using it without problems, at least in the work with audio.
I must tell you that the performance increased at the start and stop playback as well.

Thanks for the report.
I’ll close this topic as “solved”