Problem with noise

How’s it going , my problem at the moment with audacity is white noise …I’ve tried nearly everything to fix it , I’ve a dell laptop windows 7 …downloaded the new version of audacity I’m not sure if it’s the laptop or the amp that’s doing it don’t want to buy a new computer if it’s not that that’s the problem any help will I’ll be grateful

Is this recording or playback noise? (Do you hear it when you play a known good audio file?)

Please tell us how your connected and what hardware you’re using and exactly what you are doing. What is the “amp”? Is it a preamp for a microphone or a power amp for speakers?

There is always some noise and it (usually) comes from the analog-side.

If you are getting noise during recording it could be the microphone preamp built into your computer but you can get an external USB audio interface or a USB podcast mic without replacing the whole computer.

Playback after recording a dj set through the mixer …the amp is an old tape deck amp pioneer 4 stack so built for speakers

It’s when I record it seems …I tried to upload the file I have of the recording …my amp is an old stack of four pioneer with tape deck CD player amp etc …and I’m recording a dj set thanks for you’re reply

recording a dj set through the mixer

You didn’t say how your mixer is connected to the computer…

If you’re connected to the mic input on a laptop, that’s wrong. The line-input on desktop/tower computer is correct (although sometimes they can be noisy too). If your mixer has USB-out, that will work too.

If you have a laptop with no line-in, you’ll need an external USB audio interface with line inputs. The Berhinger UCA is popular and inexpensive. (Don’t get a regular “USB soundcard” because they are like laptops with only mic-in and headphone-out.)

This is my UCA-202 connecting my mixer to my Windows machine.

These things below are advertised as "Stereo!! USB!! Interfaces!!

They’re not. They support stereo headphones and easily damaged mono microphones.

Run away.


Yes I’m using the computers microphone my computers control panel it has line in option …I checked YouTube and my bass was maxed out some kid says turn it all the way down but now my problem is it’s too low recording white noise was reduced …I’ve got my amp going to master 1 on the mixer and master two going to the mic on the laptop but I have got a cable for the usb port on the mixer to a usb on laptop …thanks for the info it’s a great help

I think you’re using too many cables. Unplug the analog cable between the mixer and the computer. Computers stopped supporting good quality, high volume, analog stereo connections a long time ago.

Open the Windows control panels and see if you can find the mixer.

Right-click the Windows speaker lower right > Recording Devices. See if you can find the one associated with the mixer. Once you select it, play something and the Windows sound meter will bounce.

Start or Restart Audacity. It has to be one of those. Look for the same device and see if the sound is any better.