Problem with new version 3.4

I did an update of audacity I think from 3.3.2 to 3.4.0 and now I have problem on 2 computers… PC 1 - When I record with ((what you hear) mic)) I got hising sound and sound volume of it is at max, and audacity crash when I stop the record, PC 2 - Now I can’t listen to any of mpy mp3’s or flac’s without have crysping and popping sounds in the audio, if I use an other program to listen to it like classic media player it’s ok but with audacity or winamp same problem… I think something mess up the codecs, i’m not sure but i’m ganna try to reinstall all my programs and sound card too for my pc2 and install old 3.3.2, if there is a fix I will reinstall the last audacity ty

Fast reply xD , I just reinstalled the version 3.3.2 no more problems

3.4 totally messed things up.
I record audiobooks for a few channels including ACX, and upon accepting this ‘upgrade’… then opening a draft page to edit, the noise reduction completely split the corrected section in TWO - leaving me completely baffled, as I obviously couldn’t use half the corrected track. Then when going to re-record from that mishap, it suddenly stopped with no reason or warning, issuing a pop-up “asking me” if I wished to continue, or propose a new recorded track! Like wtf… what’s going on.
Immediately I went to the forums to see if anyone was having issues with this new release… yes, a few were. But I was so angry over it toying with my audiobook track I needed to get done for the author, that I simply went to the Audacity site, and reverted back to 3.3.3!

Updates have always been swell, until this one. :unamused::thinking:

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