Problem with Multiple Export in different tracks

since Audacity 2.4.2 for MacOS I had an issue when I split my Audio in different tracks (Audiolines) and want export them in different MP3 Files.

I record my audio, then I mark the section and cut them in a separate tracks. After that I remove my first recorded track. Then I’ll make use of the Multiple Export. Here I select split by track. In the end I’ll get a mp3 file p. track but the mp3 file isn’t cut only for the audio. There is the complete time with silence in the beginning.

So when I have a 5 minute record and split them in 2 x 2,5 minutes tracks, the firs export hast the first half of the audio, the second file has the first half silence and then the second part with audio.

This behavior also exists in Audacity 3.0 so I’m not sure what’s the problem. At the moment I also have installed 2.3.3 on my Mac to my Audiofiles. This was no problem before 3.0 was release but now, when I record with 3.0 I can’t open the project in 2.3.3 because of the changes for the filesystem.

Hopefully somebody can give me a hint. Thanks a lot.

There’s now an option for this in the Audacity Preferences.
See “Ignore blank space at the beginning” here:

:astonished: you’re my hero.
Thanks so much!