Problem with Mac OS MOJAVE

I made the mistake, yesterday, of “upgrading” my MacBook to the new Mojave OS. For the past two years I have used Audacity to record narrations and voiceovers and really love it! Unfortunately, after upgrading to Mojave, it no longer recognizes my external microphone input.

I have an external microphone interface (Universal Audio Apollo Twin). In other applications, the external microphone works perfectly as it should, but in Audacity, there is no audio from the interface. If I use a different application (for example REAPER) I am able to record and everything works just fine.

If I drag a WAV file into Audacity, I am able to edit and export just as it should.

Does anyone have an idea why I am not getting audio input to Audacity from the Apollo interface? By the way, the RECORDING DEVICE and the PLAYBACK DEVICE are set to Universal Audio devices, just as I have always had.

OH! I should also tell you that I am running version 2.3.0 of Audacity.

Thanks in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide.

I am having exactly the same issue …

Upgraded to MOJAVE OSX and now Audacity 2.1.0 wont recognize my external USB Mic … running through a Scarlett 2i2 USB interface

was working great until the OSX upgrade … any suggestions ???

Check in “System Preferences > Security > Privacy” to see if Audacity has requested access to the microphone, and if it has, ensure that it is enabled. Then restart your computer.

I have a similar problem. When I installed Mojave, I lost all USB input and output. I was running an older version on Audacity, so I installed the latest version 2.3.0. Now I have input and output levels. However I have no control over the USB input level. USB level control automatically goes to max.When I try to use the mixer to control the input level, it allows movement of the slider control but does not affect level. Then the level control slider automatically goes back to max setting. Not sure what to do next.

That is normal for USB audio devices. The device sends the digitized signal to the computer via USB, and that is the signal that Audacity records. Most USB audio devices have an input level control on the device itself - you should use that to control the input level.

Unfortunately, my USB device does not have a level control.

Can you adjust the level of the signal that is going into the USB device?

Currently I do not have the ability to adjust the level of the signal (unbalanced stereo) that goes to the USB device. My next step will be to build a level control to allow that adjustment.