Problem with Linux version

I’ve noticed a few problems using this Linux version over the past week or two. first, this really obnoxious and persistent skipping of the cursor. I mentioned it a week ago and no one responded. Second, there are several shortcuts that are missing. There’s no shortcut for Join. I have to go to the menu and a drop down menu and select Join. The Solo and Mute buttons are mutually exclusive. I figured that out. It’s just different from Windows. The Home button does not take me back to the start of the project. I have not found any way to do that except select a track and hit J or the arrow to get to the start of that track. Still, how do I get to the start of the project? The End key does not take me to the end. There are no shortcuts for Mix.

I know that there is a new version coming out this week, but is it going to have all of these same problems? The really annoying problem is that the cursor does not track properly. It’s very laborious to get the cursor on track.

I’m not able to reproduce that issue.

That’s in the “Full” default set. See: Shortcuts Preferences - Audacity Manual

There are different options in Preferences. You probably want the “multi-track” option rather than the default “Simple”. See: Tracks Behaviors Preferences - Audacity Manual

Works for me.
Try setting keyboard shortcuts to the “Full” set.

They are in the “Full” set.

If you go back to your previous version, does this problem go away?

This is the biggest issue. No, I can’t go back to Windows. I’m permanently on Linux. OK. I did have the old version from the Linux Software Manager, and that never had a problem with the cursor. Are we using the same version? I’ve got 2.3.3. I’m not sure if this is better than the old version? In fact, no, I didn’t have any of these problems with the older version. I expected that this would be an upgrade. Maybe it’s not Audacity? Except, I’ve never had this problem before. With the newest version due for release, it seems like a waste to go back to the older version now.

What I mean by the cursor is skipping is that it’s doing just that - it skips over whole huge clusters of the data points. It just sounds like racket. I have to reset the Play many times to get it to track properly. This issue has never been reported before?

There’s also a problem with the arrow, trying to get back to the cursor’s place while editing. And when it does work, it puts me at the center of the track, rather than at the edge of the window. Can that be adjusted

And, though, Ctrl+Z is Undo, Ctrl+Y does not Redo. All of the things I’ve mentioned in this thread did not require setting up. They came standard in the other versions, both the older Linux version and the Windows version.

What is “the arrow”?

As it says at the top of the Edit menu, “Shift+Ctrl+Z” to Redo.

Thanks. The arrow refers to the four arrow keys. Usually the left and right arrows function to move the cursor. That’s not working. And why does the cursor always appear in the center of the screen, instead of off to the hard left? I’ve managed to get the arrows to work but I have to press the keys very hard. i don’t know if this is a problem with audacity or with Mint Cinnamon? I find Cinnamon to be extremely sluggish. Are you using Mint Classic, Mate, or Cinnamon?

Because you’ve enabled “pinned playhead” mode: Timeline - Audacity Manual

Perhaps your keyboard is wearing out.

I usually use Xfce.

I have it in unpinned mode, but when I hit the left arrow, the cursor appears in the center.

I don’t see the problem that you are referring to. Perhaps you could provide detailed steps to reproduce the issue, with screenshots if necessary.

I was told to click the arrow and unpin the cursor from the center. It has never been pinned, but the cursor is always in the center. I want it at the left edge of the screen, rather than in the center. It’s in the center whether pinned or unpinned.

I now have the same issue on Debian Bullseye; some days ago, it wasn’t there. Since the version still is 2.3.3-2 (and it is since 12 May as displayed on Debian Package Tracking System - audacity), could it be an issue with an updated shared library?

Steve - I am reproducing this issue every day, all day. As soon as the project gets to about four tracks. When it’s up to ten tracks it just skips through the first minute of audio.

Well, this is interesting as it doesn’t depend on the number of tracks for me. So at least one possible reason for your problem would be excessive demand of CPU or RAM.

Did you check if it worked before using the same version of Audacity? This seems to be the case for me – so it cannot really be Audacity, but has to do with something changed by the Linux distribution. Filing a bug there possibly would be helpful if your problem is not resource-related.

It was alright for a few weeks but now it’s acting up again on playback. I’m experiencing this problem again with only one track.