Problem with links to fosshub


I want to download Audiacity, but the links on their site that is supposed to take me to fosshub are not. Or to be more precise, I am told by my browser that it cannot find the ip address for fosshub when I click them. This is also the case if I try to enter any other part of fosshubs site. Can anyone tell me why this happens and what I can do about it?

FossHub have very recently updated their site. It is possible that your web browser is attempting to access a cached copy of the site that no longer exist. This links on the Audacity website should work ( ) but if you still have problems, try clearing your web browser cache, then try downloading again (via the Audacity website).

Thanks, but no luck, it’s not the cache. Any other suggestions?

It’s not you :wink:
We were notified by FossHub yesterday that there would be a DNS change. It seems that is causing a bit of downtime. It’s unfortunate that it coincides with our new release.

I’ll see if I can get an estimate of how long the problem is likely to last.