Problem With Lame

I am using Audacity 2.0.5 on Windows 8.0. I downloaded the portable zip version from your site. When I attempted to export an audio file to MP3, I was brought to a screen to locate the LAME encoder. I clicked on the Download button where it said I could get a free copy of LAME. I used the alternate method and downloaded the file “libmp3lame.dylib” to my computer. However, Audacity says it needs the file “lame_enc.dll”. After some effort, I managed to get the path and file name (libmp3lame.dylib) into the browse option. However, when I clicked on OK, I got a message “Could not open MP3 encoding library”.

The link in the program brought me to a web page that said I need to use “libmp3lame.dylib” but the program says it wants “lame_enc.dll”.

What should I do to fix this so I can export MP3 files?


Isn’t the Dynamic Library (dylib) for Macs? Are you sure you got the right Lame and the right Audacity?


OK you are right. I was looking for the alternate (portable) version of LAME for Windows. I guess I scrolled down too far and found the Mac version by mistake. There wasn’t a link to the portable version of LAME for Windows on this page:

I did find the ZIP OPTION of Windows LAME on this page:

After I downloaded and located the correct file in Audacity, it worked like a charm.

Sorry for the trouble. You might want to provide an alternate link on the web page (first link above) to LAME for Windows like you did for the Mac.


This is the top of the current Lame download page:

I would be reluctant to add a link and separate instructions for how to deal with a zip file. Many novice (Windows) users of computers struggle with zip files. The Windows installer is pretty trouble free, so most users can just use the installer.

On Mac, Apple can lock out the location the installer places the files, so the alternative zip download is currently more useful.