I don’t know why but audacity doesn’t show VST effects in the effect list…
I tried to install the Autotune Evo VST, it says that’s correctly installed but I can’t see it!!
Please tell me if i did something wrong:
-I installed the vst bridge into the audacity plugins folder
-I put the Autotune folder into the VST Enabler one

Where do I have to put the Autotune DLL file to make it work?? I put it with the other plugins already in audacity and with the vst bridge…

thanks for the answers… :slight_smile:

It would be better if you posted in the Forum for your particular operating system and version of Audacity.

You have to put the dll for each VST plug-in in the Audacity Plug-Ins folder, or in the other specific locations where Audacity looks for VST plug-ins. You then have to restart Audacity.

I very much doubt Autotune will work with Audacity 1.2. Download the latest 1.3 Beta version. That does not need the VST Enabler and will display VST plug-ins with full interface instead of just as a table with boxes and sliders. 1.3 should detect existing VST plug-ins the first time you run it. If you add new VST plug-ins after that, you have to set a rescan in the Effects Preferences and restart Audacity.

If you want a free pitch correction plug-in for Windows, you can try GSnap.