Problem with hearing myself/monitor issue

Hello, I’m having difficulty hearing myself when I record. I can’t hear my guitar unless I hit the record button, and when it is recording there’s a 1 second delay from when I hit a note until I hear it through the headphones. I’m using the latest version of Audacity, and I’m using a M-Audio Fast Track into my USB to record. Thank you- Mike

Do you have the headphones plugged into the FastTrack? The three hardware solutions we tested to do “perfect overdubbing” all have the headphones connected to the device, not the computer.

If your FastTrack has bi-directional monitoring, you should be able to set Audacity for Overdubbing and listen to the lead track in your headphones (in the FastTrack) and then hear yourself – in real time – mixed with the show. Some USB devices do this and some don’t.

Edit > Preferences > Recording > [X] Overdub (select)

Turn Playthrough off.

You still have to set Recording Latency, but if your FastTrack works, that’s relatively easy – it’s a slider and we post how to fix it.