Problem with continuous recording

So, I’m new to this. I just downloaded the software early today. But, I already got some problems. As I started recording the first few times it went well. By the way, I’m recording from my guitar into my amp and into my computer. But, if I play notes continuously for about 2 or 3 seconds, it starts to sound really really strange. Almost like there is a really crappy phaser effect (which there isn’t). But then if I stop and play again, it works for 2 seconds than sounds bad. How do I fix this??? Thanks!!!

You may need to turn off the Windows recording “enhancements”:

I’m on windows xp, so the FAQ isn’t helping me. I can’t find anything on how to change the recording settings. Any ideas on how to help with this?

It may not be the one inside Vista or Win7, but that’s what it is. The system senses any constant sound for over a set number of seconds (like a sustained note) and thinks it’s air conditioning noise and tries to cancel it out. So you get to dig in your conferencing, communications of possibly Skype settings. Audacity doesn’t get along well with any of those because of the strange things they do to the sound.

Audacity does not apply effects or filters in real time. This is the computer doing something strange.


Some sound cards have their own control panel. Look for an icon near the time/date. If not there, look in the Windows Control Panel for an icon for the sound card.