Problem with Berhinger UCA 202 and Korg Krome Synth

Guys, I have problem connecting my Korg Krome synth to a laptop (Lenovo, OS W7 Home Premium, Audacity 2.02) via USB soundcard Behringer UCA202. It Sounds very loud and boomy and only decreases when I put the synth output volume to a minimum (losing volume with great background noise).
On the other hand, when i connect the synth to PC through an Audiophile 24/96 soundcard (using the same RCA cables ) I have no problem at all.
Some audio specs:

Korg Krome Audio Output Specs:

  • Output Impedance 1.1kΩ stereo; 550Ω mono (L/Mono only)
  • Maximum Level +16.0 dBu
  • Load Impedance 10 kΩ or greater

Behringer UCA 202 line IN:

  • Input Impedance: Approx 27kΩ
  • Max input level: 2dBV

I think the source of the problem is Synth’s Maximum Output Level (+16.0 dBu) exceeds the UCA202 Max input level 2dbV (approx 4.21 dBu).
Actually I have no idea of decibels, so I appreciate your help. thanks in advance.

Don’t confuse the thunderous, rock-crushing maximum possible volume with the volume you’re most likely to use day after day. “normal” volumes pop along nicely at -10 or so and the only spec you need to worry about is if both units can handle that, and I think we’re covered.

Do you have the Monitor switch turned on for the UCA202? Does it work a lot better if you turn it off? That switch produces a theatrical live mix of the in and the out for the headphone connection, and, it turns out, the UCA202 Line-Out as well.

We use that switch to good effect in Overdubbing and Sound-On-Sound.


You could be right.
+16 dBu is about 4 time bigger than the Behringer device is designed to handle, though I would have expected that turning the volume down on the Korg to about 1/4 would have resolved the problem.
When/where/how are you observing the “great background noise”?