Problem with audio recording

Hello everyone!
I’m Paolo and i’m from italy.
I have a problem with audacity 2.0.5
I have a macbook pro retina 13’ (late 2013)
All it’s ok, but when I have to record something i have some problems.
The voice it’s clear but it’s like in two-second delay. It’s wrong 'cause if I have to record a song, this is impossible for me…
How can I fix it?

Please give the exact make and model number of the microphone and say how you are connecting the microphone to the computer.

If you are connecting the microphone to an external mixer or interface, please give the make and model number of the mixer or interface.

Where is the delay? Is the delay while you are recording, between when you sing and when you hear yourself? If so, turn Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity off and monitor yourself by plugging headphones into the mixer or interface. Some USB microphones have a headphones output for monitoring too.

If the delay is between the music bed and your recorded songs, you can use Time Shift Tool (F5) then drag the tracks to align the song tracks correctly. Use F1 to go back to Selection Tool when you have finished with Time Shift Tool.

Or you can set Recording Preferences to adjust the alignment automatically. See Latency Test - Audacity Manual .