Problem with audio - loudness and bass (SOLVED)

i just opening old mp3 file ( because on my mp3 player and media player was problem with channels and the file looks quiet and no bass )

I open it in Audacity and file plays very nice - louder and with bass… Try to export to mp3 back but media player plays as was before - quiet and no bass .

Why is a difference, how can i export to have same level of sound ?

In taskbar Sound level is same for Media Player and Audacity

You can get that problem if your speakers or sound system has a problem.

Download and play this short sound test. You should be able to hear all four segments and in the right place although the last one may sound a little funny.


Test sound ok for the speakers.
Maybe is something with sound mapper ? Only if i play files in audacity they are louder and have more bass
then standard media player. Maybe is other codec used for audacity ?

( Koz you speak polish ? )

OK problem solved !
Someone change my media player equalizer !:slight_smile:

Topic can be closed.
Sorry for that.