Problem with audacity

I have installed Linux Mint 19.2 Tina.
I have also installed audacity 2.2.1-1 from MINTs “Programhanterare”.
Sa long everything is OK.
But I have a problem when I recording from tex a Cd or Spotyfy.Nothing happend.
I never hade a problem like this with the other versions.
The problem is (I think) the Device Toolbar. It does not matter what option I use.
For th Mic I have following options: 1-HD Audio Generic:Analog (hw 2.0)
2-HD Audio Generic: Al Analog (hw 2.2)
For the speaker i have followiung option: 1-HDA NVidia: HDMI 0 (hw:0,3)
2-HDA NVidia: HDMI 1 (hw:0,7)
3-HDA NVidia: HDMI 2 (hw:0,8)
4-HD Audio Generic:Analog (hw 2.0)
5-HD Audio Generic:Digital(hw 2.1)
It does not matter wich optin I use-I have no signal. BUT when I connect my MIC I can talk or sing -It funktioned very well-but I can not record the music from Spotify or an other sorce.
I hoppe I explained it so you can understand it
Thanks for helping
Anton Kreuzer

The usual way to record audio that is playing on the computer in Linux, is to use PulseAudio. See:

Thank you for your help