Problem with Audacity LAME MP3 Encoder

I just got through listening to the webinar for beginners using Audacity. I have downloaded Audacity and LAME MP3 Encoder. I recorded a test audio.

When I try to export it to an MP3 file, I hit “Save as type”, I scroll down and select MP3 Files and an Export Audio Box pops up that reads “You don’t have permission to save in this location. Contact the administrator to obtain permission. Would you like to save in the asteen folder instead?”

Can anyone tell me why I cannot export to an MP3 file and how to correct this?


listening to the webinar

Audacity doesn’t have webinars, so you were listening to somebody else’s lessons and instructions. We don’t make shows like that because it’s impossible to keep up the lessons with the versions. So it’s a really good chance you got lessons on an old Audacity version.

The current Audacity is 2.1.1.

Under some conditions, Audacity will try to Export sound files into the computer’s program location. Windows won’t like that. Change the Export location to one you have permissions to access, like the Desktop.

In the particular case of MP3, you also need the Lame software add-on and it has to be the right version for your Audacity.


I have Audacity version 2.1.1 and installed the exe installer…NOT the Zip


What is the file name that you are trying to use, and where are you trying to save the file? Do you have read/write access to that location?