Problem with Audacity file metadata


I use Windows 8.1 64bit and Audacity 2.0.6, both in English.
My problem is the compatibility of Greek text metadata produced by Audacity.
Here is a screenshot of the problem:
In the above image, the metadata text, shown with red arrows, are incorrect, whereas the metadata in Audacity are ok, as the following image shows:
Does any know what is the problem and how to fix it?

Thank you in advance

To display characters correctly, Audacity uses Unicode.
If your other application does not support Unicode, or does not fully support Unicode (UTF-8), it will display some characters incorrectly.

That may be your problem if the application in your screenshot does not support Unicode. If you set system locale in Windows to Greek, non-Unicode apps may then display Greek correctly. Setting system locale to Greek should not cause Audacity to run in Greek if its language is set to “System”, because Audacity takes its language from the Region “format”.

See How to Change the Display Language of non-Unicode Programs in Windows.

What application exactly does that screenshot come from?