Problem with audacity and fraps

Ok, so I am going to make videos on youtube, and have had a serious problem. I dont know if it is FRAPS or Audacity, but I am posting this here, because I think it is audacity,

So i am recording myself playing minecraft, using fraps for ingame sound and video. And audacity for my voice. The problem is, when I have editied the audacity file, down to where I hear myself click F9 (F9 is the button you push for recording with FRAPS) and til I click it again to end it. Normally, I record 16 minutes, this time it was 16 minutes and four seconds. And the audacity file, which I now have cropped, is 16 minutes and eleven seconds. I dont know why, my microphone settings is 24 bits and 44100 hz, and that is my audacity settings too. My sound, my microphone and my audacity settings are just the same. And I still get some seconds off. I use adobe premiere to edit. And again, I need to fix this REAL soon… any solutions?

USB microphone?

Traditionally, Audacity doesn’t like to “playing with others.” You have at least two different very serious sound services running on your computer at once. In addition, why are you using 24-bit audio for the microphone capture? I know recording artists use 24-bit, but it’s not like you’re headed for Warner Brothers Records. You’re posting to a podcast and Music CD quality (44100, 16-bit) may be enough or even overkill. Lower quality puts less of a strain on the computer to keep up and less likely to produce errors.


I have tried that too, but I don’t want to use Fraps to record my voice and game sound, because if I want to remove something I said or gamesound on fraps, I can’t remove it. Thanks for responding though, but I have tried. Anything else? :confused:

I have tried that, first thing I did was using 16 bit, 44100 hz, and that didn’t work. I ain’t using a USB microphone, I am using my computers inbuildt one. My computer is a HP Probook 4330S.

I record 16 minutes, this time it was 16 minutes and four seconds. And the audacity file, which I now have cropped, is 16 minutes and eleven seconds. I dont know why

It is it 7 seconds out-of-sync, that’s a problem. If it’s just 7 seconds longer but in-sync, I don’t see why that’s a big deal… If you are mixing the Audacity track with the Fraps file using a video editor, the video editor should allow you to easily adjust the lengths to match.

If it drifts out-of-sync and it’s not a “multitasking problem”, it could be the clock (oscillator) in your soundard/sound chip. The clocks in consumer soundcards can sometimes be off by a few percent. If that’s the case, good external microphone and better audio interface or a good “studio style” USB condenser mic should help a lot. A USB mic has its own clock & soundchip built-in. (I don’t trust cheap "gaming’ or “communications” USB mics.)

In any case, I think this is a hardware problem… Either your computer isn’t fast enough to capture audio & video with two or three applications running at the same time, or the video clock doesn’t match your soundcard clock.

Capturing (recording) audio or video on a multitasking machine is not easy, and the operating system is always multitasking, even when you’re running only one application. Even if you have multiple processors and multiple hard drives, you only have one data bus. The audio & video are streamed at a constant rate into a buffer. If the operating system gets back-around to your application in time, it can read the A/V data to the hard drive in a quick-burst, and everything’s OK. If some other application or driver “hogs” the data bus, CPU, or hard drive for too long, your buffer overflows, you loose data and you get a glitch. (And with bytes missing form the data-stream, you’ll get timing errors.)

(Because no two clocks are ever exactly the same and in-phase, pros use a master-clock along with hardware that’s designed to work with a master-clock interface to keep everything in sync. That shouldn’t be necessary in your situation, but it is an issue that even the pros have to deal with.)

And there’s no question why you want to do this. We recommend keeping the production sound elements separate if you can.

So is one out of sync with the other? Now you need to really pay attention to what’s there and exactly what’s broken.