problem with applying effect chain to files [SOLVED]

I created an effect chain and tried to apply it to mp3 files. Then I checked the result and saw that nothing had beed changed (I loaded both files in Audacity: original and processed by effect chain), even size of files doesn’t change. What is wrong?

Which version of Audacity?
Do you see the processed files in a “Cleaned” folder?
What commands are in the Chain?
Try the chain on an open project - does it do what you expect? What are you expecting it to do?

2.1.3, the last one.
What is a “Cleaned” folder?
Before I discovered “applying effect chain to files” I did export of each processed file manually after applying chain to all project files. So, the chain always worked that way.
There is a file and it’s copy and the process i do in attachment.

When you run a Chain that includes an “Export” command, a folder called “cleaned” is created in the same directory as the selected files, and the processed files are exported into that “cleaned” folder.

Thank you, i didn’t know about Export in a chain. Problem is solved.