Problem with append recording to a solo track

2.0.3, .exe

I’m trying to use the append record feature but whenever I have the track I’m recording on set to “solo,” the other tracks that are supposed to be silent play their sound like normal. This doesn’t happen when I do the same with the regular record button or when they’re set to “mute” . Is this a bug or an intended function of the append record feature?

Thanks for writing.

You do have an obsolete version of Audacity, but the behaviour is the same in the current 2.1.1 release. No one has reported it before, but I guess relatively few people are append-recording where longer tracks already exist.

In short, I think it should be declared a bug, because if you set the Solo button in
Tracks Preferences to “Simple”, then Solo on the track being append-recorded does mute playback in the other tracks when append-recording. And setting that preference to “None” (so you only have a Mute button) works too.