Problem with adding plugin Chris's Compress Dynamics 1.2.6

Hello everyone :wink:

do you have any ideas why I can’t add Chris’s Compress Dynamics 1.2.6 plug-in to my audacity?

I’m downloading plug-in and then put it in audacity plugins directory. Next - I’m launching Audacity. I’m opening Effect’s menu and I’m trying to add a new plug-in. I’m having “compress.ny” on my list but when I’m tring to enable this plug-in and then click “OK” i have command like this:

“The effect or command C:Program Files (x86)\Audacity2\plug-ins\compress.ny has failed:
A broken Nyquist plug header”

I even tried to install the latest version of Audacity and it’s still doesn’t work.
Could anyone help me?

Open up compress.ny in a text editor. Does it look like that? That’s 1.2.6 and the release version.


;nyquist plug-in
;version 1
;type process
;categories ""
;name "Compress &dynamics..."
;action "Compressing..."
;info "Does dynamic (volume) compression with lookahead.\n'Compress ratio' is how much compression to apply. Raise when soft parts\n  are too soft, and lower to keep some dynamic range. You can soften the\n  soft parts instead of increasing them with values < 0, and invert\n  loudness with values > 1 (lower max amp when you do).\n'Hardness' is how agressively to compress. Raise when parts are still\n  hard to hear (even with a high compress ratio). Lower when the result\n  sounds distorted.\nRaise 'floor' to make quiet parts stay quiet.\nRaise 'noise gate falloff' to make quiet parts (beneath 'floor') disappear.\nLower 'maximum amplitude' if you experience clipping."
;control compress-ratio "Compress ratio" real "" .5 -.5 1.25

;; TO ENABLE ADVANCED SETTINGS: delete one semicolon from the beginning of the next two lines, then add one to following four.

;;control left-width-s "Release speed" real "~ms" 510 1 5000
;;control right-width-s "Attack speed" real "~ms" 340 1 5000

;control hardness "Compression hardness" real "" .5 .1 1
(setf hardness (* (- 1.1 hardness) 3))
(setf left-width-s (* hardness hardness 510))
(setf right-width-s (* hardness hardness 340))

;control floor "Floor" real "dB" -32 -96 0
;control noise-factor "Noise gate falloff" real "factor" 0 -2 10
;control scale-max "Maximum amplitude" real "linear" .99 .0 1.0

This is the one I’m using.

compress.ny (16.9 KB)
The only restriction I know of is the necessity of adding a minute or two of “stuff” to both ends of the show before you apply the tool. Cut the extra off when you’re done. Chris doesn’t like running off the end of files. It’s unlikely to be fixed because Chris reached end of life.


Thank you so much! It finally works :slight_smile: